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Building Sustainable Global Connections in International Education


Learn, unlearn, and relearn to continue your professional growth

At g2 - the globalED gathering, you will:


Collaborate with colleagues from around the world to address the needs of the hour

Build long-lasting, meaningful, & transformational relationships

Welcome to g2

At Gen Next Education, we are committed to facilitating professional development and relationship-building amongst international educators and institutions across the world. To enhance access to global educational opportunities, we have designed the 2024 g2 series - to facilitate meaningful and impactful engagement between international educators around the world.

attend the Global Research & Institutional Partnerships g2 event if you are a

attend the Admissions, Counseling, & Recruitment g2 event if you are a

Senior International Officer

High School Based Counselor


Independent Education Consultant

Study Abroad/Partnership Professional

International Undergraduate Recruitment Professional

Service Provider

2024 Admissions, Recruitment, & Counseling (ARC) Series

g2 ARC offers high school leaders, counselors, and IECs from each region and ​university admissions officers from around the world an opportunity to develop meaningful ​relationships in an intimate gathering. Attendees participate in workshop-style sessions and intentional networking events to discuss and create opportunities for growth in working together to support the ​needs of our students.


The countdown is on!

g2 ARC South Asia

Delhi, India

April 18 - 19, 2024

Sheraton Hotel, Saket, New Delhi

2025 Global Research and Institutional Partnerships (GRIP)

g2 GRIP offers Senior International Officers (SIO), Deans, Directors, & International Education professionals from around the world an opportunity to network and develop strategic partnerships with institutions across India.

Join us as we work together to identify and build bridges between institutions, identify ways to support students in their career preparation process, and enjoy intentional networking over amazing food. Space is limited- are you g2 ready?

Save the date!

Jan 31 - Feb 1, 2025

Bangalore, India


Didn’t make it to g2 ARC in August 2023? Here’s what you missed

What g2 ARC Offers You


Meaningful Interactions

Key Take-aways


What Our gatherers Say

five star rating

I loved this event so much. At one point I was jet lagged and needed to take a quick nap for my sanity, but couldn’t decide when to do so because I didn’t want to miss anything. In the end, I opted to just stay awake for 36 hours and don’t regret it.

Rebecca Hansen

The College of Wooster

five star rating

Congratulations team Gen Next on the success of the recently concluded globalED gathering and THANK YOU for a wonderful opportunity to connect, learn and share at the g2 event last week.

Like I said many times at the event, it was intimate offering us chance to really connect with one another. It was very well organized with a lot of attention to detail (including the g2 themed deserts, certificates, thank you notes, the lovely elephant, the tartan bags, the sleek pen and more).

What stood out was your commitment to cause of higher education and student mentoring. Thank you for making it possible for school counsellors to attend for free and finding sponsors for our participation.

Aparna Chandrashekaran

10X International School

five star rating

Thank you for including IECs in this important conversation! You guys are amazing!

Rupali Deolalikar Dehade

Ara Consulting

five star rating

Thank you! It was hands down one of the best organised and informative event that I’ve attended. Looking forward to meaningful connections and conversations.

Shahrina Faiz

Indus Valley World School

five star rating

Aparna R S

One World International School

Thanks for making it meaningful. It was big enough to meet newer people and small enough to remember the conversations that we had.

five star rating

G2 was different than other conferences because it was an intimate gathering of people from the education industry. I met some new people from Bangalore and got to learn from them. Trust me! Round-table discussion was the best part of the whole event; I haven't experienced it anywhere else. There are some creative ideas as well, which I will share over email. Girish and team, you are wonderful people :)

Rachana Talsaniya

S N Kansagra School

five star rating

I had a great time at g2! The gathering being small was perfect, the conversations were much more genuine, and I spoke to school counselors, but also uni reps. The tension of competition was not there, which is great! Comfortable to have conversations one on one.

Gitanjali Arora

University of Cincinnati


and many more!

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What makes g2 unique from other conferences?

g2 is designed to be intimate, inspiring, and invigorating, focusing on workshops and hands-on learning to support your needs as opposed to endless sessions and depending on chance encounters to network. Workshops will be coupled with intentional networking so you are able to build long-lasting relationships meant to support students for years to come.

What is the difference between g2 GRIP and g2 ARC?

g2 GRIP is focused more toward global research and institutional partnerships and thus perfect for professionals exploring global partnerships while g2 ARC provides a platform for high-school counselors and IECs to collaborate with university admissions and recruitment professionals from around the world.

Should I attend the virtual or the in-person g2 ARCs?

Both! The virtual event connects both counselors and universities from around the world, while the in-person g2 ARCs connects counselors from each region with universities world-wide.

How many people attend g2?

Our goal is to offer an intimate experience for maximum impact. As such, each g2 is limited to no more than 300 attendees. We recommed registering early to reserve your spot.

Will there be direct recruitment opportunities at the g2 ARC?

Yes, we are offering high school recruitment fairs the day after select g2 ARC events so universities are able to capitalize on their time in-region. During these events, we will work with all the schools to provide coordinated opportunities for you to meet with students and families.